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Even Though (北區)
Even Though (北區)

Even Though (北區)


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Even Though (北區)

Even Though (北區)

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非賣品 notforsale

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發布時間 2015-06-22



Even though

Even though I didn’t do anything I wanted to do
Honestly I couldn’t care less anyway
Even though it couldn’t last until the time, that I die

The dying man concluded his life was enough
the sex-driven kids promised to never settle (第二遍到*)

through the things that you wonder
grow from things that you couldn’t understand
It all lies in an ontology coming our way

All the dreams I left behind were the ones I could not see in your eyes, your eyes

*hold me close when you suffer the need
let me go when the tides pull my feet
it all lies in an ontology coming our way

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