My Late-Coming Puberty
My Late-Coming Puberty

My Late-Coming Puberty


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My Late-Coming Puberty

My Late-Coming Puberty

羅妍婷 YenTing Lo
羅妍婷 YenTing Lo

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發布時間 2020-09-10



Song, Lyrics & Voice - YenTing Lo
Drums, Recording & Mixing - Ido Zilberman
Bass Guitar - Robert Rebane
Keyboard - Jetse de Jong
Guitar - Alisdair Pickering

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Green in the jungle of desire
Hymn of sweat and fire
Green with the heat of jealousy.
Why oh why can’t I?
The puberty in my twenties
Bites from a tropical rain
Greasily humid like pimples that grow in my brain

Steam is the breath and whisper of young excited lives
Steam is the restless kiss of the boiling blood and dust
Oh my late-coming puberty
Vigorous midsummer dream
Colorful flowers with poison on those charming stings

Should I climb up to the mountain top
(Oxygen I don’t need much)
How much to reach to be high enough
(Leave the lust under the clouds)
I could own the whole sky as mine

Snow, the stones, the stars
Stay invisible and young
No cry can be heard but nor the laugh

So I climb back down to the uneasy human life
I hate the fuss but that’s the beauty I can’t deny
My song, silly and impetuous, saves me from my plastic dream
I left my wonder in the rain forest of green and steam

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