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Casual Day
Casual Day

Casual Day

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Casual Day

Casual Day

The Whisperer

專輯發行時間 2022-05-13
建立於 2022-05-13


Recorded by Jyun-Chi Huang, Ping Yu Huang at 61 Music Studio (New Taipei, Taiwan), Yee Cher Kuo at MoriSound Studio (New Taipei, Taiwan), Asa Chao at Meteor City Studio (Taipei, Taiwan)
Edited by Asa Chao, Xi Yi Jiang
Mixed and Mastered by Asa Chao

Vocals by Kuokpan Wong
Guitars by Kuokpan Wong, Xi Yi Jiang, Asa Chao
Basses by Asa Chao
Drums by Edwin Wong
Chorus by Xi Yi Jiang, Asa Chao
Featuring Vocal on “Undo” by Han Yu Su (Su)

Album designs by Hazel Chen

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