Live without my mum

Post rock

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Live without my mum

The Whisperer

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發佈時間 2017-07-16


Lyrics // The Whisperer, Hsiao-Chien Hong
Composer // The Whisperer

2017 EP Listener

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I live~ without my mom.
I live~ away from home.
I don't~ don't have a job.
I live~ without myself.

We're afraid woo~ everyday,
We're worried woo~ everyday.
People get squashed in a train,
Crowded cities always get you mad.
You're so mad.
You're so mad.

So call your mom, call your mom.

I've got lots of money from my mom.
But I hang out with my friends.
Pick up the call when I fool around,
She always says what I've known.

She's afraid woo~ everyday,
She's worried woo~ everyday.

Oh that's my mom, my mom.

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