girl next door


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girl next door


發佈時間 2008-08-21


翻开"chicken soup for the teenage soul",起初只为享受阅读,却被这烦心的创作动机所尾随,半途遇到"girl next door",看着字里行间,涌现出的单纯犹如露水般的轻盈,使我想象,在记忆中,我与我的伙伴里也有这么一段难舍的故事.memory is the precious treasure in my life !

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do you remember many years ago

when we were young how we used to play together

everyday just you and me

it seems like yesterday the childhood world

of clowns and cotton candy and summer days

that never seemed to end

then we played hide and seek from 4 o'clock till dusk

*we sat outside on someone's stoop

listened to the crickets

slapped away mosquitoes

we talked about our dreams and what we would do when we grew up

unitl our mothers called us in

*but those days have gone furtively

and we grew up ,we were too grown-up

you've changed in ways i can not explain

you were like a rose that blooms before its time

and falls a victim to the february frost

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