Ember Spark

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Ember Spark

The Tic Tac

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發佈時間 2015-10-02



They're all vanished in the gate of time,
no one has survived.
There is a bomb buried in my mind,
Someday we're going to die
I stand behind the chalk line
I don't know what I waiting for
I’m not ready to know
Keep my way pointing to north
Walk on the road that you never been before,
You watched your feet, and found out that you lost,
I sweat my clothes
Stare at your wound by spiritual blade
It's really painful but you still don't care
Then I don't know I still waiting for
Every time u slam the door
Every time u leave from home
Every time u travel alone
I’m not ready to know
Drowning into the river
I want to be with you

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