09 Movement (D海豚去晒邊度呀?)

Rock ・ Mother Father Peace And Love

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09 Movement (D海豚去晒邊度呀?)

Teenage Riot

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發佈時間 2019-06-02


Written by Teenage Riot
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJYy--7XveQ

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We listen to music
They like to make mistakes
Oh my God this is critical
They know how it ends
With the government plan

You know my friend Jojo
She was born in Mexico
She cooks with one big family
For you and me and
Everybody in
S o b o r i n g

Now it's over and
Everyone's moving out
I know someday we'll come back here
M o v e m e n t!

And if there is time
If we can have
One more time to shine
I know someday we can move moth moth moth
M o v e m e n t!

We listen to music
To cover the mistakes
Oh my God this is mysterious
It's a wicked plan
By the government gang

You know my friend Wilson
He was born in Bangladesh
He met some friendly friends and
Some unfriendly friends
Along the Nathan Road
Oh road road road road

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