My last shit
My last shit

My last shit

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My last shit

My last shit

Big Mic
Big Mic

發布時間 2009-04-07


只是一些我心理的話. XD
難道我有新的曲風了? (噁)

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It's been a long road, down the stretch.
過了這麼久, I’m still doing my shit.
My rhymes, my soul, 還是不滅.
So let this joint be my last hit.

Verse 1:
聽著hip hop, high snare, 我心有[餘力]
Like Jedi Knight, 我快要失去 原力,
Kept the force in me, 我尋找新的 田地.
天理 何在? 我曾問過自己.
Sold my soul to the devil, 我也差點窒息.
I used to rap without thought, without實現理念.
Beats I - couldn’t caught, 我被diss過幾遍?
無數次I have fought , pain 我藏在裡面.
I kept them all, ya’ll, 我讓我的筆淹.
Never thought hip hop, would keep me alive
So I kept on the strive, just to prove我存在.
You can call me蠢材, or wish I will soon die.
我也許曾經累了, 我也許真的廢了.
淚水寫在paper, 我記得每個hater.
你們的hate, 只會讓我greater.

Verse 2:
Greatest Of All Time, 敗者終究為寇?
他們說lay low, keep it down for real.
This is hip hop in Taiwan, 大家都要生存.
沒有什麼溫存, 只有空虛假面紛爭
分身 也難顧, 只好保住本尊.
每個人都自私, 自利他本身.
So where’s the union, 團結在何處?
何路才是truth? 不解又何苦?
“If you aint one of us, 那你就是另類.
You aint good enough, to handle 我們品味.”
That’s the kind of shit, these cats spray every day.
If你被唾棄, then you’re just like me!
疲憊 我拖起, and it just might be,
My last hit, my last wish, I’m done with this, bitch!

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天使和大痲.・13 年前



Vinny・13 年前

Respect dude, respect.

Huqm Mr

Huqm Mr・13 年前


藍燁 Lan Yeh

藍燁 Lan Yeh・13 年前

If you aint one of us, 那你就是另類.
<br>You aint good enough, to handle 我們品味
<br>nice yo!!

藍燁 Lan Yeh

藍燁 Lan Yeh・13 年前



J2L・13 年前

五體投地...<br><br>this song is .. the dopest joint i have heard in a long while.. <br>this is just the begining.. not the last hit dawg...<br><br>shit, this song is way too fucking good.. make sure u sent it to me!!<br><br>mad prop.. <br><br>ain't going to argue with you bout ur 'sick-ass flow' no more.. u are sick, the flow's sick, line's sick.. song's sick.. period!<br>


Jnco・13 年前

<br>最近連回來 SV 都怪怪的