So Fine + Superwoman Snippet
So Fine + Superwoman Snippet

So Fine + Superwoman Snippet

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So Fine + Superwoman Snippet

So Fine + Superwoman Snippet

Big Mic
Big Mic

發布時間 2009-01-13


u know what time it is!
time for love song!!!
對的!這首歌是送給我一個喜歡的人,u know who u are :)
peace, one love

p.s. 副歌好像沒有錄好,我不是錄副歌的料... :(

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She’s so fine, that I can’t define.
She’s so right, that I can’t defy.
You know it’s time, I’ll shine to this,
You know your mine, let’s drink to this.

Verse 1:
They say a girl like you is hard to find,
但我找到了, so I guess it’s a sign.
It’s time, right now, to speak my mind.
如果再不說, 就來[不及]
這場電影開始, 我們即將[入席]
So I bought u the ticket, take it slow [不急].
I can get u drinks, I can get u blings.
I can get the impossible 像是[天上的星.]
只為了你開心, 我會奪取[天堂的wings]
Put it on you, cuz you’re my 天使[之翼.]
U can be my [知己], 想到你就忘了[自己]
Ur smile so sweet, 讓我快要[窒息].
Ur style I dig, like V to Louis
U know who u is, my dear ma .

It’s you, it’s you, girl, 就是你.
It’s true, it’s true, please believe me.
I’ll keep loving you, 一直到底.
What’s love, girl? 他沒有道理.

Verse 2:
他們說你天真無邪, 又少[根筋]
That’s my 菜, girl, 就讓我[跟進]
讓我升級[更新], show u my [真心].
不再搞笑,baby girl, 我是[正經].
I can be your shinning knight, 永遠將你[保護]
陪你度過every night,永遠的[保固]
就算經過100年, you’re still my [寶物]
Treasure hunt, let the key drop, never say stop.
Keep the feel hot, girl, 我一定會rock.
I ain’t a playa no more, 我也不再[亂搞.]
為了你,girl, 我也不再[亂跑.]
Chain me with shackles, 請你把我[栓好]
一直[到老], 永遠把你[抱好].
If ur my project, 這是我的[報告]
Ace this, take risk, but never fake this.
Make this, ur song, this, I promise.
You's like a superwoman that I cant define,
God must've been [偏袒], cuz you got the design,
so refined, your [臉蛋], 讓悲傷都[解散].
baby girl you know I aint lying 我永遠不會[背叛]
之前那些男生, 他們態度[不好]
總是causing紛爭, 讓你[困擾]讓你[苦惱]
but youcan trust in me, 我是愛的[督導]
always upgrading, 我的[愛只為]你[獨到]
就像[愛之味]的味道, 酸辣[甜味]
I [can為] 了你把 所有情敵[暴頭]
[爆走]的情況 只為了 把你 [抱走]
You can call me "bastos", 我只是愛的打手

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Shawn Atkin

Shawn Atkin・13 年前

我也想吃1点~<a href=""></a>


誅心・13 年前

<p>好聽 能發給我嗎</p><p><a href=""></a></p>


J2L・13 年前

<p>這邊快死掉的我&nbsp;</p><p>妳卻在那裡戀愛!!..</p><p>ha, this song is dope.. i guess it aint' just luck that u all the sudden got that 'killer-flow' as u like to phrase it......</p><p>mad prop!&nbsp; and why are u cheating on me w/ jnco!?</p>


Angus・13 年前

<p>喜歡喜歡</p><p>寄給我吧</p><p>還有支持你咯</p><p><a href=""></a></p>


天使和大痲.・13 年前

<p><img border="0" src="../images/faceicon/face_type2_13.gif" alt="表情符号13" title="表情符号13" />充滿大麥克的愛的歌~</p><p>嗯嗯好聽好聽哈哈!!.</p>


Lil'Pity・13 年前

<p>&nbsp;哈。喜欢 能传给我么?</p><p><a href=""></a>&nbsp;thanks~</p>

・13 年前



Jnco・13 年前