Without You With Me  - PI UNION
Without You With Me  - PI UNION

Without You With Me - PI UNION

Hip hop / RapUNION/ Feature

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Without You With Me  - PI UNION

Without You With Me - PI UNION

Big Mic
Big Mic

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發布時間 2010-04-14


P.I. Union is back!
-Big Mic

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Without You with Me
曲: Dreamwalker耀宗 & Chenman 詞: Big Mic & Chenman

[Verse I] – Chenman
曾經那些甜蜜, it was just so so sweet,
回到過去, You and me努力不放棄
What a pity, 一直以為是 meant to be,
Used to call me”維尼”, 你是我的“蜂蜜”,
Honey, 渴望再一聲Baby, 是妳,
Allowed me to 感受愛情美麗魔力, I truly believed,
我若是 Clyde 妳應是我的 Bonnie, It’s funny,
現在卻只能說聲 “北鼻, I miss you like crazy.”

[Chorus] x 2
I am the lyric, you are the melody
Without u with me, we can never be,
I can hardly breathe, like drowning in the sea.
Like a shattered glass, we can never be complete

[Verse II] – Big Mic
It’s been awhile since the time we'd met,
How you doing now? Feeling the regret.
不說一聲好 我也無所謂,
Déjà vu 徵兆, let it pass away.
Make up and break up, that was never my style,
Who you think I was, acting like a bitch with six fouls
I was drowning, and frowning, 曾經doubt你 and now 你,
不是我的girl, till I found你 leaving my world,
So I close the swirl, meaning一切已經結束,
就像棒球drill, 這個love你無法接住.
So I locked it down, 封印with a 契約枷鎖,
Nowhere to be found, like nighttime with a shadow.
hollowed that was your soul, 我也曾經followed
你的every move and groove, 讓我常笑開口.
But now 我已找到closure found my own very treasure,
Whether you without me, me without you, 不再pleasure,
你可以哼我的歌, or even 恨我的verse,
But u know whut girl, u did this shit to me first

[Verse III] – Chenman
想念, taking me back,
Never wanna be back, on memory lane,
Going insane 浮現
妳撒嬌的臉 回憶不停的上演
永遠無法 be the same, 太多的 reasons,
太多的 complains, 無形的 friction,
劃傷了我們,彼此的信任 覆水已難收,太多的悔恨
罰我坐板凳,只怪我無能 無法再為你,擦乾了淚橫
慢慢的認清,之間的關係 早以來不及,改變這結局
但這樣的 ending, 這樣的我和妳, 真的太難相信

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[Ren]=仁=・12 年前

love it!!!damn its so cool...also reflect my heart....