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Rockwhen all else fails...

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stereo is the answer

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發布時間 2020-03-26


【Gears】// when THE PLAN fails
Song & Lyrics by Stephen Mok
Arranged by stereo is the answer
Recorded, Engineered & Produced by Stephen Mok
Drums recorded at J-REAMY Sound Studio

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tick tock focus
plan in progress
detailed and timed

calculated, simulated
and memorized

broken silence
hear the sirens wailing outside
dreams of paradise gone
in a blink of an eye

throw this broken watch up from the grave
hoping all the gears will fall in place
singing let there be just
one more time, one more time
in case we obtain
a different sign / a way to go

distant ticking
any moment
eyes fixed to the sky
broken pieces
all the pieces
thrown up high

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