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Oliver Luv
Oliver Luv

Oliver Luv

Hip hop / Rap

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Oliver Luv

Oliver Luv


發布時間 2021-05-23


  • Oliver Yang


Lust, Luv, and Humiliation

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We met at midnight
bartender was alright
We sat at each side
Talking shit like we once met
You seduce me into your bad
I want you to feel my bad
Shut up and call me dad
Take off your pants feel my swag

I don’t wanna calm down
And wear the condom
Ripping off ur dress and gown
Fuck us till down

Ya baby let’s get it one night stand
One shot it don’t miss ur chance
Every day I switch a lane fucking around with side chicks aka differ fans

Damn baby ur litty fine
Swinging boobies like wind chime
You are mine getting into your mind
Stealing ur feeling be like crime

Crewzing down with hoes
Getting high with bros
C 0 icy chill
Don’t reach bitch no even close

For u I become an alcoholic
Your relationship is problematic
We are those kind for benefits
Never will I come back
Never will you be back

Popping molly I’ll driving you crazy
After tonight you will be so lonely
Don’t miss me
All this fucking keep me busy
Bitch don’t even try to text me

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