I Said F**k You
I Said F**k You

I Said F**k You

Hip hop / Rap彈唱人生

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I Said F**k You

I Said F**k You


發佈時間 2012-05-04


Last nite
I forgived all the words you siad
Cause I
Said those wrong words , yes I'd done
Promise is all such shit
Truth is shutin up is better than bleeding pain
Fighting is better than silence

I dont hate you
Im just too loving you
I said f**k you
I really ,really wanna do
You called me bitch
I dont mind
I dont mind at all
I can be your , I can be your personal bitch

In the morning
You didnt come back ( Why not )
Another side
The coffee I throw it
Thats danm
In the night
All I have to do is
Hearing your heart words
And I will do the same

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