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Moola - 維思
Moola - 維思

Moola - 維思

Hip hop / Rap

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Moola - 維思

Moola - 維思


發布時間 2023-11-23


Beat prod. by Beast inside beats
Not for profit use.

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詞: 2023/1/23(v1)
錄: 2023/1/24. (V1)
SoundCloud Kursk beat
家家有本難念的經 吾中2係屋企
係外面自己digging 寫詞~練flow學抖氣
Nah we ain’t chilling 就快比 生活 迫死
We be madly hustling 實際對未來無乜希習

老實講 有fb 之後你會吾會特別去記某人生辰
過年 過節 都 一堆慰問
今年又’無所事事’ 吾知點去答人

擁 抱 夢 想 要怕蝕底
社會體制好恐怖 Freemasons
思想底制 吾符合既人就會被睇低
但係有D人 又可以瘋狂洗底 meh~~~~~
like 有E I continue to feel right right
Ight ight ight ight 你地被人蒙蔽Sike
I don’t do drug i don’t do all that
I may got ignited to big boobsss than thick asses
All right now tell me
Which is the real fat? Huh?
Which is the real fact? Can you really see that? Uh

最後全部變曬罪人 最後全部變曬罪人
最後全部都係罪人 唯一無罪既可能重未出生
None of y’all win judgement days
Yey yey 無人成神
But I hope u believing that you are the one
Get on ya run bust ya buns
Matter fact take ya time to Smoke some
Drink some Write some flow some that’s one
Smoke some flow some write some drink some smoke some write some aye that’s another one
I hope it got you leaning back and front
Popping your head like 鬼上身

Don’t you think I’m a masterpieces
That’s what I told my depression therapist
一首歌出左 大家rap同樣既字
但對大家黎講有吾同意思 吾同既意義

問人地攞意見 小心佢hea 你
想你坐飛機 D人 就係咁卑鄙
我建議一律懶理丫 做翻自己
終有一日會殺出重圍 好似岳飛(金牌?)
放心 依家人命丫無卑微
最少都600萬港紙 gentlemen and ladies
嗄 甘下次吾戴真係要三思丫Baby
Aye aye

if not tell me you started to resist it yo
No worries you’ll have all my courage and blessing bro
Biggie once stated sky is the limit trust me I can see you make it tho.

如果呢樣野對你講有翻幾分重要 縱使係人地眼中好渺小
屌!Fuck it.
You should keep ya head up keep your attitude.

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