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Missing Grass
Missing Grass

Missing Grass

Singer / SongwriterRipples, reflections and everything in between

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Missing Grass

Missing Grass

per se
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發布時間 2019-03-11


「like a child in the rain, searching for anything...」

【Missing Grass】是關於時間的概念計劃《Ripples, reflections and everything in between》中第三幕。歌曲題材取自Ernest Becker的著作《The Denial Of Death》,解構人對抗死亡的方法,就是在世上留傳一些東西。如果我們都是一片草原的草,在枯萎的前夕,如何能叫人記起我們曾經存在過?

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per se:
Stephen Mok - vocals, guitars
Sandy Ip - vocals, keyboards

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【Missing Grass】// mark in time
Composed // per se
Lyrics // Stephen Mok @ per se
Arranged // per se
Produced // Victor Tse & Stephen Mok @ per se

running through life
like a child in the rain
never knew time would play the part of the playwright
lasting a lifetime

you look to the sky
searching for anything
to show you a sign
show you the meaning of life
something to live by

when all your days go by
when all your days go by

Everest will fall, aeons gone
wondering what in life carries on
At the end of the day, faces fade away
If this is goodbye, sing your song

lost in the crowd
stumbling, scrambling
trying to climb
out of this everyday timeline
place where the birds fly

when all your days go by
(story left behind)
with pages yet to write

deep in the night
you lie there alone with your eyes opened wide
watching the years as they pass by
someday you’ll be gone
now coping with fear
you raise up your hand write your name in the air
paint all the people you hold dear
till all can hear your song
till all can hear your song

like a child in the rain
searching for anything
like a child in the rain
searching for anything

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