PIXX (with Jay Ba$tos) [Produced by Jeff Herrera & Snoflayk]
PIXX (with Jay Ba$tos) [Produced by Jeff Herrera & Snoflayk]

PIXX (with Jay Ba$tos) [Produced by Jeff Herrera & Snoflayk]

Hip hop / Rap

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PIXX (with Jay Ba$tos) [Produced by Jeff Herrera & Snoflayk]

PIXX (with Jay Ba$tos) [Produced by Jeff Herrera & Snoflayk]

Patrick John Lu 陸德培
Patrick John Lu 陸德培

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發布時間 2018-11-07


想讓國外知道台灣人也可以把我們的樂器放在一個trap beat上,那後製作成一個蠻厲害的一首歌。

PIXX MV - https://youtu.be/_15QvOQJV4A

曲 Composer : Patrick John Lu

詞 Lyricist : Patrick John Lu & Jay Ba$tos

製作人 Producer : Jeff Herrera & Snoflayk

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歌詞 動態歌詞

You ain't never like my fucking pics

That’s why you ain’t gon never be mah bitch

You ain't never like my fucking pics

You’ll be looking stupid when I’m rich

Threw up the Roc on my birthday
You ain't even like it, said, boy u actin thirstay
You just went and liked ten pics
But you skipped past mine like a broke ass trick

Liked everything you've put up since May
But you don't give a fuck about me today
Got 2 million men tryna tap that ass
Betta pick me cause I'm betta than ya past

You been using way too many hashes on the team,

But you don't give a pho girl u ain't Vietnam

Why talk in person when you can just slide in the DMs girl yeah i know you tryna ride

Why even follow baby if you gonna ghost? 
I’ll double tap that pussy if you double tap my post
Take a trip to the motherland,
A thrilla in Manila
Ima hit it from the back and you can scream into this pillow

In Palawan eatin' ube that I'm slurpin' off ya boobays
I getcha so wet you will not need any lube

Tryna bust a nut in you
That's the motha fuckin plan
Ima eat this leche flan
I'm the motha fuckin man

Girl I know you know it
Welcome to my dick
Girl u betta blow it...haha.

Ima make this boomerang my next post, 

ya betta tap the heart for Jay Ba$tos
I'm tryna show you why they call me the host with the most but...

You ain't never like my fucking pics
Call the fuckin doctor cause I'm sick
You think you know me bitch you don't know shit
You be looking stupid when I'm rich

It's me and fuckin JB
Sandy ass, round rosy cheeks
Just came across your IG
And we got Jeff and riot on that sick beat ayyyy

Going for the likes I see you going for the likes
Posting on your Insta stories telling people bout your life, or your "life"
'Here's a pic of me chilling at a party, but I'd rather be eating pizza, tacos and some ice cream'

Sure bitch sure, go take this fuckin like
I'm sure the pleasure of it is your day's highlight
But Get a life. And where are your fucking clothes.
Didn't know that EDC had pre-sale tickets for hoes

And so it goes. Here come the deep quotes.
As if posting 'c'est la vie' will stop your deep throats
Instagram model? Now That's a steep joke
#nomakeupon You sure you're not sick bro?

But honestly, I'm not complaining
Them booty gym pics, I’m almost fainting
Might be in love with you. Or just your social painting
Slide through the DMS, here's what's awaiting. 

I’ll hit you so hard from the behind you gon say 你好
Make the soup spill out when I poke out your bitty 小籠包’s
And oh wow. Grind the little dragon, Digivolve and blao.
Different animes, oh well WHITE LIGHTNING all up on the walls

Checked my phone to find a like or two from you after we boned
No new Hearts, so I'll just keep on thinking yous a little bitch
Cause you ain't never like my fucking PIXX

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