Light Up Shoes (Feat. Jay Ba$tos & Jeff Herrera)

Hip hop / Rap

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Light Up Shoes (Feat. Jay Ba$tos & Jeff Herrera)

Patrick John Lu 陸德培

發佈時間 2018-10-02



Light Up Shoes MV -

曲 Composer : Patrick John Lu & Jeff Herrera
詞 Lyricist : Patrick John Lu & Jay Ba$tos
製作人 : Produced by Jeff Herrera & Patrick John Lu

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歌詞 動態歌詞

It was in preschool man, I think she was the first

Girlie that I lied to, just so she would hold my hand

But when you 4, how you post to get a girl to like you

With some choo choo train pants and some fuckin light up shoes

Vicky from the second grade, and her purple coat

In the lunch line, we’d talk Poke Silver / Gold,

I think I died a little when she told me that she had to go

Looked out the window sadly told my mommy ’drive slow’

Make it oh so dramatic

All these lost moments, you act like you had it

Crushes in classes, when eyes meet its magic

When eyes meet you panic, ohhhh shit

Sat next to Chloe in choir, this spark ignited a fire

Acquired, a sense of confidence and asked for her oh so desired

AIM Screen name!

We got to talking and I swear, messages sent were so revised and prepared

Got an IM from her one day

Saying ‘Boy I like you’, and I’m like oh yay! 

Took a shower that night, came out felt like a new man

Next day she says,’ I’m sorry for that, that was my friend’. Damn


From first to fifth grade I liked the same damn girl.
Didn't know Dwayne Johnson but she ROCKed my world (can you smell?!)
Skinny Filipina ballerina chick
Prayed one day she'd pirouette onto my dick

Longest running crush of elementary.
Don't think she ever knew what she meant to me.

This dude cleaned up in high school and she fell on his list

Broke my heart when I found out they did more than kiss

I felt bad, and she fell off the map
Cause teenagers are dicks when u lose it to a guy like that.
She shoulda chose me,
cause I'da put on Boyz II Men and bent on bended knees

Saw her walking at the lake one sunset

Walkin’, looking’ pretty as the day we met

Kinda wish I said hi, but she was with another guy,

I thought back to being 9 and how we’d been worth a try

and I wondered how she been since her social status fell but..

I hope she’s really happy now

I hope she’s doing well


I just wanted to say

You’re the reason why I got out of bed each day

I just wanted

To lay right next to you (x2)


Then I got to sixth grade (sixth grade)

I lost a lot of weight (too much)

Feeling kinda great and ready to get laid

Textin’ through the night with my babe

Then she hit me with it, she said ‘Mahal Kita’

I thought it meant I love you, I asked my grandpa

‘Hey LoLo does this mean what I think it does
He was like ‘yeah’

And I was like ‘Damn, I had found my first love’

Told my cousin about it, the next day at school.
He started tellin' everyone, actin' a fool


It quickly got back to my baby boo
She denied it, goddamn! Play it cool...
I said, “It’s okay baby just be you”

She said “Jeremy you're fat, I would never say that shit to you.”

Fuck. But you said it though…


(Patrick & Jeremy)

Pat: Dude fuck fuck she picked up. fuck dude wtf, fuck fuck fuck fuck…
uh… what do I say?

Jeremy: Hey ask her for nudes

Pat: Dude! I’m not going to ask her for nudes

Jeremy: Just do it! She might!

(overlapping argument)
(dropped phone)

Melody: Fucking weirdos


I just wanted to say

You’re the reason why I got out of bed each day

I just wanted

To lay right next to you

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