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發布時間 2014-06-19


Last night, I was so drunk, can`t walk myself, then I throw up...
and got kick out by the night club, they called me legend of the king crunk

Dozens of the missed call, on my phone
Who's that girl next to me, I don't know
Keep it fizzle drizzle, I'm in the zone
That's how it goes, how it goes

Starry night like Van Gogh, homies pop that bottle
The dangerous necessity of health, shit! we been on!
Got chicks in my sight, set a box and make it right
Tonight we gon` sippin, no parental advise, Yeah~

Crunked up eerrrr day, It don`t matter what It takes
I`m just crunked up errrr-day, Alcoholdisiac I am

Give me one for the sorrows, two for the ills
Three for me to chill like I`m king of the hill (So crazy)
Tinker Bell on that, bring it on
Line`em up, light it up let`s do this for real, yeah!

Whisky, Champagne, Tequila on flame,
Oh~ We notoriously take control
(We`re OVDS, so let's go!)

So let`s go for blast off, we bring that hype to get soaked
Now get loose or get lost, too fast to live don`t drink slow
Here come`s another from that O
If you don`t feel like we do then you ain`t crunk for sure
When we say it than we did it, got no plan b in our ROE
Every single time we sing the song, they yelling OVDS
You know, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, we've done it all
Only live large and grind hard so can I get so more? Huh?!

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