Certificated Hustle
Certificated Hustle

Certificated Hustle

Hip hop / RapMixtape Messiah

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Certificated Hustle

Certificated Hustle


發布時間 2008-04-30


First i ant't nobody in this rap game but they call me a legendary with my name
買不起 CC數大的 balck cadillac 更沒有 24 rolling with my fame
我是certificated hustle making 無數的 troubles my talent also offer a freedownload
don't tag no price on my soul coz it already sold for the Next Episode
i see so many baddie try act like nigger wanne be
that why so many busniess wanna pieces of me
這是一則很簡單的story theme i an't no talk about anyone but just me
recollected all the battle i had won
those were a great sprite to show what i have done
我的LOGIC就像電腦可以按reset 我想這段歷史故事也將會有我的name

我已經不再S.W.every.D 因為嚐過被朋友betray後的fuckin things
can we recall that i was a big smoking king 但現在i got no shit so got no friend
已經醒了很久看清這些人的目的 想當年我家就好像擺了一台 smoke machine
my phone was ringing bad coz i got good shit
now i phone is dead coz i an't no weeman
問我這樣keeping real的生活怎麼過 我只能說it all good and felt no pressure no more
但還是可以寫出by the name call stone 去過當然可以親身体驗這樣大聲說
holla at ya boy try not to set me up once more 我已經看透這樣的生活叫做墮落
i told you all that 我吃素 不吃 BEEF so plz not try to change the way i live

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K恩・13 年前

<p>這首歌是既"夢"後讓我覺得超有感覺的歌!</p><p>讚阿!</p><p>茶米哥可以傳給我嗎?謝謝!!</p><p><a href="mailto:p26394548@yahoo.com.tw">p26394548@yahoo.com.tw</a></p>


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KEVIN_0628・13 年前

<P>yo, do you really 吃素不吃BEEF?</P>


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