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湯捷 - Good Shit Saves the World (feat. 翊庭)
湯捷 - Good Shit Saves the World (feat. 翊庭)

湯捷 - Good Shit Saves the World (feat. 翊庭)

Hip hop / Rap湯捷 - Good Shit Saves the World (feat.翊庭)

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湯捷 - Good Shit Saves the World (feat. 翊庭)

湯捷 - Good Shit Saves the World (feat. 翊庭)


發布時間 2021-04-20



曲| Written by : 
張翊庭 @yiting_chang_ 

編曲 | Produced by : Alchemy, STL @stl_oopig

混音 | Mixing : STL @stl_oopig

母帶 | Mastering :STL @stl_oopig

設計|Visual design : 葉銘恩 @sentimentality_neil

MV導演 | Music Video Director : 夏志威 @junior821228

Special Thanks | 
林恩加 @enchialin 
吳承瑾 @1pfani
weed_clothing @weedarefamily

亦莊亦諧的饒舌湯總統與StreetVoice話題R&B女伶翊庭攜手帶來屬於2021春天,法喜充滿的爵士饒舌,讓你像是在「下午4:20分上9又4分之3月台聽著JayRoll 當愛讓世界相通我變成J.Cole」

Good Shit Saves the World 是一首 適合三五好友chill 天夜遊 的充滿愛與正能量的背景音樂,有如美國爵士鋼琴大師 Robert Glasper的音樂一般,帶你進入一場意識揚升的迷幻之旅。在悠揚的琴聲、夠勁的歌詞和銷魂的女聲中與自己的靈魂對話,詠嘆世界的美好,讓聽到的人都會幸福。

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The song is dedicated to “Jesus”
[Good shit saves the world, In the Jesus mode]
[這株七里香 透析出我腦裡的sickest flow]
this sickest plant inspires my sickest flow

[千金散盡還復來 沒有buyer remorse]
There’s no buyer remorse. Money spent on this will not go to waste
Let’s get high and search for the moon in the river like Chinese poets do
glorious light is what I feel while I’m high
It smells better than incense or tea ?
We are too stoned to take photos together during these Hours
[秋天夜遊 風吹草動到神經串成項鍊]
Cruising in the night, a brisk wind blows on my neck and makes me feel like I’m wearing a necklace
Beads of weed Beads of good shit
If you can’t get enough I would roll another joint
[從頭到腳鬆掉 像盤散沙]
We are stoned from head to toe
[酥麻的油酥茶 多法都不用管他]
but we don’t care if anyone sees us [不管對他什麼看法 you ain’t shit ]
No matter what wrong opinions you have on getting high, you ain’t shit
[這首歌寧靜致遠 dat ‘s dat shit]
This song is the shit so dat’s dat shit
[這感覺不錯 像英國人說God Save the Queen]
It feels so good ,like British lads sing “God Save the Queen”
[我說Good Shit Saves the World]
I sing “Good Shit Saves the World”

[Good Shit Saves the World]
It’s like being tenderly touched by your lover
[Good Shit Saves the World]
And time slowly went by
[Good Shit Saves the World]
[Like the way I feel]
[Good Shit Saves the World]
Everything around me is moving in slow motion

[Good shit saves the world]
I feel so fly that I can fly through the time hole
My laughing is too stoned like I watched too much Sir Chaplin’s movies
I’m inspired to write this shit down like J.K. Rowling
[4:20分上9 又四分之三月台聽著JayRoll]
I go to Platform 9 3/4 while listening to JayRoll (Taiwanese stoner rapper)
[當愛讓世界相通 我變成J.Cole]
I feel the love for the world like J.Cole
[天主賜的禮物 魔鬼才會不收]
Only the devil will rejects God’s gift
[這首不是 個last call so let’s go]
This song is not the last call , so let’s go
[像聞著初戀女友的頭髮 卻不用意淫
It feels like smelling my first girlfriend’s hair without sexual desire]
[這時刻適合 輕輕的喇機 不用邪淫]
The moment is nice for a romantic kiss instead of sex
Sweet flavor , so smooth I puff
Let the police that disrupted us all go to hell!
[你說你明天要打棒球 那要不要來板橋找我落一棒 chill]
You say you have a shitty job to do tomorrow
So why not come to Banchill and chill with me together
[外面有點冷的時候 記得穿長袖]
It is kinda cold outside , don’t forget to bring your hoodie bro
Only the healthiest motherfuckers would cough here

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