Eternity Memory of Lightwaves
Eternity Memory of Lightwaves

Eternity Memory of Lightwaves

Hip hop / Rap

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Eternity Memory of Lightwaves

Eternity Memory of Lightwaves


發布時間 2008-09-23


Well… you know
When I heard this music…
Damn, it’s beautiful, so I have to ruin it
U know, just like that

Like the beacon in darkness leading the soul/
Like the whisper of praying shelter the lost/
I am the one who don’t deserve all the goodness u brought/
The departed from heaven who could never be home//
Then you’d known, you’d gone, since when the rain poured/
Permeating all the paper castle of hope/
My fault couldn’t be mended so I’m making it worse/
Walking away from every hand that could help me to stop//
I’m not what I am, u still who you are/
Why can’t I get away from the shadow no matter how far/
The night become day when the day become night/
Every minute we shared should be faded out in rhythm//

U were there staring at the flash lit through the sky/
Danced with me cheered with me made me believed what heaven could be/
Melody betrayed my beef, but still can’t hold u tight/
Had to be the passerby pretend I had left you behind//

Every dream had to wake, every swear had to break/
I’m a nature born freak, that’s nothing could change/
I’m so hate to be me, to ruin your fairy tale, bring you down/
Belong in hell, dragging body bag that just won’t be found anywhere//
The ugly side, not fair to stay with me for anyone to bear/
No one could heal me neither, just get away/
Don’t fucking fool me that everything will still be OK/
It never be the same no more, though I still missing every trace you left/
You won’t look back the same way I did so fuck that/
Now it’s the shit you other suckers expect, right?! K motherfucker is back/

Still a bastard come around digging corpse from the ground/
Still a loser feel so cold so I burn your house down/
Still a psycho chop you up for no reason but fun/
Who the fuck says I change? Eye for eye blood for blood//
You don’t know me, so shut the fuck up and listen/
Don’t fuck around like you know all the bullshit what happen/
I’m dead already don’t mind to die repeatedly/
Don’t beg for no mercy nothing else here should be breathing/

Sorry, I just, lose it again, I just try to make thing right/
Try to see you smile, try to… damn I don’t know/
Try to leave you behind, baby/

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