Old School Days
Old School Days

Old School Days

Hip hop / Rap

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Old School Days

Old School Days


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發布時間 2010-03-29



Verse 1:
Since I was kid, never quite fit in
All the party bullshit and popularity
Rather stayed in room do some reading and thinking
How to save the fuck up world from poverty and bureaucracy
Cause we buddies from 沙河 Avenue, always worried ‘bout social issue
Waiting for another revolution taking down the system
Preparing all the violence drove ourselve like monster

Then I studied hard tried to figure out
All them questions without any proper answer
Look like everything is conspiracy
When you’re chasing pretty lady
I was chasing the truth out there
Go to college get more retarded
Astrophysic, plus post-morden philosophy
After I wake up from what I’m doing
All the dream and hope seems vanish

How I wanna go back to the time we’d been debating on
What to dedicate and what to believe in
When class was over we’re never stop arguing
The meaning of life or something metaphysics

Do you wanna go back to them old school days
Working so hard to save human race
Proud with ourselves every old school days
Demanding democracy through parade

Do you wanna go back to them old school days
Nothing to complain cause we hold on faith
No matter what happen in old school days
We took it as adventure came what may

Verse 2:
From 广州 to 长春
It’s long trip but felt where I belonged to
Frozen river, whiteout desert and chilling storm
Inspire me extremely of what I really am

Can’t never make it without all my bro and sis
Together we ran rap shit perform in street
Shot movie without budget no profit
Still Kick-Ass, profound like Tarkovsky
Few agree maybe but we so happy to translate the lyrics in Chinese

Do you wanna go back to them old school days
Liberary so fun we all night stayed
Shouted like Werewolf every old school day
Long for Alien attack through Y2K

Do you wanna go back to them old school days
Made some G-Funk like Dr. Dre (Hell Yeah)
Life was so simple in them old school day
All men were crazy all girls were great

Verse 3:
Unfortunately I never pay attention
On how to build relationship with lovely lady
So when I thought I found the right girl finally she pick the other one, not me

Anyway, emotional crap all nonsense
Guess I learn it already at sixth grade
老子said I got 99 problems but the bitch ain’t one
Uh, it’s Jay-Z but 老子 might agree
See what you read is not always what you experience
But more fun in book than life my opinion
That’s why I really miss my old school days
Seeking spark of wisdom not compromising reality

Do you wanna go back to them old school days
Learning right from wrong when we made mistake
No regret nor fear in them old school days
All you delicate puzzies get the fuck off my way

Do you wanna go back to them old school days
Looking back shoulder not so far away
Exactly of what I try to escape? When you all gone
I’m still stuck in my old school days, damn!

Mad Hill, Big Ben, 超然, 吴磊, Sandy, Janette,
Shalafy, 小明, 2010 and forever we’re always old school till the fucking end.What?

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