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Brody - Trust
Brody - Trust

Brody - Trust

Hip hop / Rap

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Brody - Trust

Brody - Trust

Keep It Real Records
Keep It Real Records

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發布時間 2017-12-14



Saturday night lay down on my blue purple couch
tell me what kind problem make me wanna go to la church
i don’t really believe in Bible or God
his lil son doesn’t make me feel better that sucks

but why? why this so often appear in my mind
why kind of person am i i really can’t find
what shit will happen tonight
Got no prediction in mind
Isn’t it Funny
When you finally see everything about the demon
living in me

Start it from the “S” and end it with the “N”
A mythical figure who specializes in pain
Tears all over my face there’s two scars \on my skin
Apple on la tree same \like me \Hang myself up \swinging my lil feet
Allen ordination yeah \ I was crowned ordination
maybe evolution \or change other motion
i don’t care about the past just want to see the future
Nobody can escape this virus
All of above is the name of Lucifer Amen

No one can stop me
You know I got
what u got what u got
No one can judge me

信任與相信 這東西一體兩面
相信之前需要提升到理念的 層面
暴露自我價值 早晚慘死路邊

你 可曾覺得此生不值得留念
所謂的 現實世界總是不留情面
當你最 需要幫助時祂卻不曾出現
對你信仰但你 可曾親眼看見 所以說
眼見為憑 用傷口堆疊曾經
I got demon up in hill

Keep your monster hungry
吞噬所有想要的 毫不留情
慈悲 憐憫 ok ok I got it I got it

No one can stop me
You know I got
what u got what u got
No one can judge me

信任不信任 相不相信人
信我者得永生 真偽誰敢承認
美麗的人們 搶著爬上階梯頂端的門

Say cheese 恭喜掉進蛇的圈套
甜的你就信了 牠卻伺機反咬
相信什麼不重要 信任牠才有解藥

Live by money and you die by too
Greedy for power so you die by too
Mask on the truth you look like used to it
But bitches gone be hungry they gone eat you in a min

So um
Please let me put a Bomb in your mine
Please don't die when you making lie

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