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Instinct of Sight - Crawling
Instinct of Sight - Crawling

Instinct of Sight - Crawling


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Instinct of Sight - Crawling

Instinct of Sight - Crawling


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發布時間 2015-05-27



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Composed: Wai, Elfis
Lyricist: Jacey
Arranged: Instinct of Sight
Produced: Kin
Co-produced: KitLo@逆流, ChiTung@鐵樹蘭

Who said he love us
Who said he is always protecting
Why can he claims it with no shame
To live and to die we are just who we are
Wanna run from here
Could you tell me how much I can take?

Don’t want to let you down
But I can’t escape from it now
When you look into my empty eyes
(See I am reaching out)
Can you hear a crawling sound inside of me?

Wake me up before I lost in the darkness storm
Break away, take away the pretty noose at me
I'll fight till I fall to ashes
Got nowhere else to go
Lay me down, cut my throat, yes you could trap me
But never kill my will to go

How can I take, feel empty over the night
How can I say, when I’m too naked to hide and disguise
How can I break it
How can we get by without try?

Look into my eyes when your dreams all fall
Where my beast hiding inside
Feel the sinners crawl

So I decide what I wanna be
With no arms around me
If it’s just a way to hell
I will never escape

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