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惟哲, 蕭
惟哲, 蕭

發佈時間 2012-11-04


詞曲: 蕭惟哲

You sang, I listened
You spoke, I've chosen
It's you, It's you
Always has been
You're what I've long for
And you're what I've been searching for
And you're everything that I need and more

oh baby, I'm fallin'
Falling like never before
My heart was broken
With you I find the pieces, I was looking for
So bring me back to the way I was before
Someone just bring me back
to the way I was before

I sang, you listened
I spoke, you've chosen
It's him, it's him
Always has been
His what you've long for
His what you've been waiting for
His everything that you want and more

oh baby, can't you see
that you're blinded by the guy you seek
you know it in your heart
but you're too naive to believe

I wish I could be your light and tower
but you are already too far gone
down the path for me to ever reach

So I let you fall in
I can't stop you from falling in
but I'll always be here for you
when you needed me
'Cause I know that I'm worthy
Worthy to care for you
And you know that I'm worthy too

Don't shed a tear
Don't cry for me
For this is my destiny
I'll be your guardian
I'll be your angel

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