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Breathe (ft. Jesussilence)
Breathe (ft. Jesussilence)

Breathe (ft. Jesussilence)

Hip hop / Rap

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Breathe (ft. Jesussilence)

Breathe (ft. Jesussilence)


發布時間 2011-10-29


You have no idea how much these meant to me~

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Ayo~ Ashley, have you sometimes kinda felt like... felt like just can't breathe, for some fucking reasons?
You know what I'm sayin'?
Yeah,it's unnerving,right Jes?Here,let me show ya

Boy you make it so hard to breathe
(When you're here next to me)
I don't want anywhere else to be
Could never get it off my chest
(A coward that I am)
But I know you see through my prentense
The vision of the road ahead is so blurry
Not sure if there's always an US from now & here
But together we walk
(Sweet trap I luckily fell for
Can't fight this feeling no more)
I just wanna risk it all
Cuz you make it so hard to breathe
Boy you make it so hard to breathe

[Verse 1]
One look at your face then my breath suddenly caught
Like some romantic crap "bring my heartbeat to a halt"
Never knew one smile could affect me this much
No less a miniature one not even sure I saw
And your orbs were swirling with emotions I can't define
But it's enough to send the butterflies in my stomach to an overdrive
My throat went dry eyes grew wide
When I found myself tongue-tied
Damn you for making me feel it
Good God I sound so stupid
But Why me?
I just couldn't see
I bet a lot of girls out there beg to be in my seat
There's nothing so special about me for one thing to start with
It's overwhelming when I'm melting in that smile direct to me


[Verse 2]
Sometimes, it gets me scared
how often I seem to stare

The meaning of breathtaking I finally able to grasp

Worse it gets,when I'm tempted to run the fingers through those soft tress

Harder it gets,not to let the affectionate grin wildly stretch

When it comes to the opposite sex

You're just so ignorant innocent eraserin' my evil thin'
that ever graced my presence here

For real
I feel so confused when you smile

Towards 'em with so cute feel to kill me
I will stupid still

Girl I do mean it this kinda feeling's profound

Your voice took up residence in my head and spin around

You kinda like piece of my puzzle have been long lost and now found

Victoria secret you are and this last lines I wrote down,damn

Never thought I'd meet someone like ya
All at once clouds are changing color
Woke me up and show me a better world
I'd like to go on adventure
Adding a new page to our story
Hearts decide which way to take
Baby you take my breath away
Wonderful life I want you to have
Wanna be with you and hope that maybe I can light up your day
OK,I know,It's silly something must've messed up my brain
But imagine how I feel when I hear the song say

(I see you in my dreams
I see you in the streets
and when we up close girl you know I can't breathe
I see you in my dreams
I see you in the streets
everytime our eyes meet girl you make it so hard to breathe)

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