Pop ・ Demo 2016

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發佈時間 2016-06-08



Music/Lyrics: Felix Huo

I think we’re holding on too tight
I find it hard to keep my eyes aligned
I’m losing my mind I
You still care for me, I know but
I am just too far away from home
I think I should go and

And I, I don’t know love
But I finally learned something about you

I’m forever yours
You’re forever mine
You know I’m forever lost for words
As I say goodbye
You know I’m out of my mind
And we’re out of time

A hundred days a hundred nights
Are all I got in store for you as I
I try to stay alive
And I know this seems so wrong but
Suddenly this might be my last song
I need to go on and


A hundred days a hundred nights
Is all the time that’s left to make it right
One more winter one more song with her
And a few more after

Forever yours forever mine
I won’t forget the color of her eyes
Every shiver every tear is mine
As I say goodbye

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