Eliza's Song
Eliza's Song

Eliza's Song

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方恩沁(Eunice Png)

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發布時間 2014-02-12


I was just a puppy
zipped me up in your jacket
brought me back to your college
dorm room

Polyester pillow
in a pine wooden wine box
kissed my ears before you tucked
in bed
i'll sit here on my own
waiting for the day to come
when you find your way back home
and i run into your arms
I'd never let you go
you have been my shining sun
just come back to me whole
no one in the world
can compete
with you and me
until then
dressed me in a pink coat
saved me when I fell through thin ice
hugged me through the bitter winter
taste of berry juices
on your face and on your fingers
(all those) sweet and happy
but the days grow longer
i see you everywhere
but when i turn around
you're never there
the chilly wind gets colder
every passing day
do you still remember
your best friend in gray
just when i lost all hope
for the day that never came
you found your way back home
picked me up into your arms
said you'd never let me go
long as there's a shining sun
if we're both alive and whole
no one in the world
can compete
with you and me
till the end

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