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 Groove mind (Freestyle) feat. 嘻哈蘇東坡
 Groove mind (Freestyle) feat. 嘻哈蘇東坡

Groove mind (Freestyle) feat. 嘻哈蘇東坡

Hip hop / Rap小樓昨夜又東岸風

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 Groove mind (Freestyle) feat. 嘻哈蘇東坡

Groove mind (Freestyle) feat. 嘻哈蘇東坡

Tower da Funkmasta
Tower da Funkmasta

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發布時間 2018-02-28


Your long money is too short for you to tie knots,
02 city too hot for you to smoke pot,
I stay high tho, lean on me like a Tower,
These rap cats smell funny, need a shower,
25 years in the game, I’m a quarter century
You smell that? That’s winnin’, you like the scent of me,
Young cats think they fly, I hope that Lear Jet’s yours,
Somehow you still need these OGs to open up doors,
Skip a beat but I’m R&B,
But unlike you I ain’t singing to police,
Don’t need to write my rhymes,
That’s called a freestyle.
You don’t gotta explain that to me now.
All you funny cats making small money bets,
Tryna get to China so you can get on TV and rap,
I think you’re all whack, I think it’s child’s play,
I’m so fly, Tower had to build me a runway.

Now you on the curbside crying,
The truth is you were always lying,
Mommy’s money couldn’t buy you a career,
That’s why you dressed like a girl, like a singer from Korea

Shit, now you got me true like the Bible,
Didn’t wanna say nothin’ but you act like a rival,
I barely departed now you waitin’ my arrival,
I’m married to the game, that’s why you actin’ bridal,
Your 16 bars didn’t buy you 16 cars,
2 sides to a story, I made 16 stars,
Didn’t wanna rap, just thought I’d A&R,
Didn’t wanna say nothin’ but now you know who we are,
Teflon, nothing sticks, untouchable,
Your last rap song was barely audible,
Actin’ snotty but there’s nothin’ out here,
That sets you apart from Britney Spears,
I count money, you might think I act funny,
But the thing that sets me apart from you…is you,
I got one more line, one more rhyme,
But I guess all you can say is “baby hit me one more time”

Now I see you in the video’ frontin’
Who fronted you that money, cause you’re bank account nothin’
Guess you on the Gram gettin’ fake followers,
On these social networks screamin’ out follow us….

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