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自我意識 ft. BG8LOCC 蛋頭, Peatle, Drix, Ann
自我意識 ft. BG8LOCC 蛋頭, Peatle, Drix, Ann

自我意識 ft. BG8LOCC 蛋頭, Peatle, Drix, Ann

Hip hop / RapMellow Groove

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自我意識 ft. BG8LOCC 蛋頭, Peatle, Drix, Ann

自我意識 ft. BG8LOCC 蛋頭, Peatle, Drix, Ann

Tower da Funkmasta
Tower da Funkmasta

發布時間 2015-01-06


Verse 1 (BG8locc 蛋頭)

當我提起手下筆 就認識到自己
所以我的歌詞 寫著不同的事情
那太多的思緒 理所當然的私慾
懇求自己的身心靈 能夠得到治癒

它是純粹的藝術 也是純粹的暴力
Use it to earn money 讓他們知道
從粉絲變成歌手 幕後的推手 是興趣

人生太短暫 但是過程太緩慢
往前走 不怕難 就夾緊你卵蛋
太快或太慢 全部取決於你自己
life is a bitch 怎麼能夠輕言放棄

因為我相信 成功將接近
踏實的付出 前進 沒有其他捷徑
點清 我的現金 富裕 因為年輕
rich ass muthafucca, I try to be

Chorus1 (Ann)
I remember that old days
Singing for money every time and every where
Than I lost myself on the god damn stage
Where am I and
Who I am

Verse 2 (Drix)
We stand on our legs , we walk then run
Trying to burn the steps afraid to miss our time
We don't even know why but we just live as fast as we can
Too quick...and many explosions on the way like a firecracker
Anyway nowadays we have no time man, life is too crazy
Internet and one click , I travel from Asia to America
I ( I is not me I speak like I'm mister somebody ) wanna make music, some dope featuring
Wanna shoot crazy mv and make millions of views
I wanna be a star before to be an artist
So it's not a big deal if for some more likes I go naked on my pics
And anyway they all do the same
Seeking fame whatever the strategy
Afraid to be invisible in this too short life
Ready for everything , no rules anymore
Mister somebody : symbol of this generation
This was Drix , remaining unknown in your data

Chorus 2 (Ann)
One day
I quite my job and leave my place
To see the world
Find myself back
Freedom in my mind
Freedom in my heart
See the real world
Find myself back

Verse 3 (Peatle)

但心情總是游移 像有潮汐
它起伏不定 像是潮落又潮起
在服藥之前 我總是隱藏憤怒
如果跟我一樣 那你是該撐住
面對那些激將 抵禦不要太匆促
壓力迎面而來 把連帶衝突找到出口
如果你們誤會請住手 其他不解偏見請住口
從不僥倖 所以保持著自信
老天給的幸運 給我知己讓我仔細

Chorus3 (Ann)
這樣的回憶 這樣的背景
沒了生命力 沒有了自己 我試著 去找尋
我試著喚起 我試著去聆聽

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