One Day You'll Be(piano)

Classical ・ 可可床 Cocoabed(同名EP)

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One Day You'll Be(piano)


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發佈時間 2011-06-21


What kind of coffee you drink?
What time you might fall asleep?
Thinking deeply, reading quietly
How I wish that I could feel what you feel.

What type of girl you wanna meet?
Someone who looks charming and slim?
Singing tenderly, smiling brightly
Oh, I don't really mean that girl could be me.

You seem to shine, shine, shine when you walk on the street,
I really like, like, like the way you wear jeans.
You might not know me, I’ll keep waiting
Till the day you’re not only in my dream.

I feel shy, shy, shy when you look at me,
I hope you’d like, like, like a girl like me.
But you don't know me, would you sing with me?
The sight of your back is my secret fantasy.

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RenRen・8 年前

Shining Voice *^o^* 我喜歡~*