Leave,but nothing changes
Leave,but nothing changes

Leave,but nothing changes


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Leave,but nothing changes

Leave,but nothing changes

人性先覺 Between The Savage
人性先覺 Between The Savage

9 月


2021爛泥發芽高雄場 【我就爛 ! 泥發財 !】09/26

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發佈時間 2017-01-14



2017發行首張迷你專輯專輯【Its time to go】


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Reflecting the mirror of I , pain tears like a thousand scabs
We know those harm has passed , But shall we never back to line
I choose the place to leave , but I know

We're never back again , Back again
I'm so sorry for I caused and what we've become
I don't mean for what it shouldn't be like
The day we still survive within scars
But there's nothing through my mind
I hope we could back to the day that we used to have

The days we've passed is nothing at all
The place we've been is filled with broken sores
I choose the road I want to , your just aside with my curse
I can feel those hurt as I see into my fuckin minds
Throw back in the dozen days , yah you're still there
I can feel is nothing change

Nothing change , Nothing change
No , don't leave it . Back to my side
Just like we used to promise
My heart , My shelter like you said

Everything goes wrong since the day you left
Those whispering must be the answers like the sworn I used to say
After all of mine confessions , the truth has came deeply
The only has decided through the skin , is all of my painful
I won't regret what I've chosen , but I hope the miracle will come back with no price

Get Back. I won't forget.
Heart still beating, I see the fireworks through my face
my broken tears , I hope we'll never leave this way again
with blurry sight , with blurry sights.

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