My life
My life

My life

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My life

My life


發布時間 2007-10-06


<my life>

my life my god (oh) confusion i got(ohh)
my family my home my room(my room) so poog
my mama i luv u (luv u ma) my father i need u
im wake up my parents da paper i write
my nigga my dream (i know)(its my dream) im chigga my skin(ya)
my rap my queen(im kin) my crew my plan(be all right)
my flow like crow(shit) oh,lord i hope
my work one's day my cash so....whoa (haha)
my Only (babegirl) no more im lonely never saw (oh damn)(and nobaby can)
da girl my goddess i wish u be happiness
my shoulder u cling my lip u kiss
my heart u live my heart u hurt(babe babe .....)
my city oh no no money no girl
my name b to da a double n y called(do u like this)
my life who murder who master my yird
who look like bird n those niggaz never heard

if i say if everybaby say
cuz my cuz my time cuz this is my life
if i say if everybaby say
cuz my cuz my time cuz this is my life

my homie my boo my shouly my town
my dogg my chigga(what) my ghetto ur battle(freestyle)
my pub my bed my road be luck(come on)
my music my beef my bitch be suck(feel me baby)
my fans my helpa my pen my balla
my mate my college my office all colleague
my season my spring tell me reason my ring
all da things for my life n all i need just one mic (thats right)
my neighbor i hate u my street remain with u(i know where u fm )
my faith i trust u my face slime at u
my grandmother i mourn for u and my groud is under too
im a children in ur eyes n u know this is how i do(i miss u)
my girl i call u everynight i saw u
i miss u i diz u i fuck u forget u(thinkin about me ,babe)
my photo is faint as my life is grey
just take a ciggrate u know this is my life ,great

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