Night (feat. Emiko)
Night (feat. Emiko)

Night (feat. Emiko)

Hip hop / RapFood In A Bottle

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Night (feat. Emiko)

Night (feat. Emiko)


發布時間 2009-12-13



One day, one at a time
as I write these rhymes softly in the darkness of the night,
the whole city sleeps to a time of peaceful thinkin,
my eyes constant blinkin tryin to keep myself from sleepin,
thoughts seep through to the ink of my pen,
as I write these thoughts in red like I'm bleedin through my pen,
I gotta give thanks, I gotta give love,
I gotta give it all if it was sent from up above,
but I just don't know so ya gotta tell me why
cuz you keep starin at me but I know it's just a lie.
Everybody walks in this world for just one reason,
keep themselves thinkin what they do is for a reason,
so righteous, I might just, write it how I like to,
but the truth comes to excite you to a point you think I spite you,
I tell it how it is but how it is ain't how its told,
my thoughts won't stop but grow while these stories growing old

the city sleeps at night to a tune of untold rhythms,
the crickets set a pace for the bassline from the winds
everybody sleeps, everybody sleeps
everybody sleeps, everybody sleeps...

One day one at a time,
as I write these rhymes softly in the darkness of the night,
she looked into my eyes and she said it wasn't me,
a place beside her heart, said it wasn't meant to be,
I spend my days pacing, contemplating on the future,
a time for realization as it teaches me the truth,
I keep my mind true to the thoughts that I construe,
unlock the gates to walk the path of the chosen few,
as we leep up into a fresh side of mind,
embark upon a journey to the other side of life,
I'm a solo spectator, God's number one recruit,
had me naturally selected to take reins and push us through,
my wisdom, intellect, the vision I select
are you with me or against me, it's the latter I neglect
I got too much hope to just watch it all happen,
a lyrical distraction, speak ideas through my rapping,
my pen slips my grip, as I'm running out of ink,
an outcome left unwritten sparks a motion to my thinking,
I think I lost my way, I think I lost my say,
I think it's time to write my rhymes, set forth a brand new day.
She looked into my soul, lied beneath there was a picture,
an illustrated vision of our life I wrote in scriptures
I promise to hold it tight, never show a single soul
but a tear drops from the image and my story left untold.

my eyes are watching as the days turn clear,
voices in the distance seeing through my ears,
I see everybody walkin, my heartbeat slowly stops,
the whole world flashes in front of mee~

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