Can no body...
Can no body...

Can no body...

Hip hop / Rap

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Can no body...

Can no body...

Asian Power - Youn'G
Asian Power - Youn'G

發布時間 2006-07-03


**Chores – Youn’G
Da’s Right, just you, just you
Make da difference, be living’N proof
Da true, cuz only you, only you
Be da difference, become bulletproof

**Verse 1 – Youn’G
Every day, every time, I fall
Da reality, would I ask for more
Money is real thing, needed for real dream
Wishing bearing on, I step up, stong

My left & my right, help me held on
My dawg & my time, don’t, cherish wrong
My light & my blaze, where were you, huh ?
Love & hates, I booked my ways,

Life is beautiful , lovin’it taste
My road is simple, ain’t turn around, streights
Fresh of da fresh, perfection blinks
Mind of mind, perfectly dreams

**Verse 2 – Youn’G
I love my life, limited by time
Rout playing G’ “AH”, charter is might
In a young age, troublin’N fight
Senses weak, trippin’ on a DIME

Wanna close my eye, dream feels tight
Center, stagin’, I needed my pride
Can’t see time in dem, time, loss my high
I’m, da reason, I’ll heat, man

Bless from my brothers, like a steel, I was
Rollin’ bling-out, Ima reach it , becuz
Breathin’N 1, 2, Youn'G’s will do
Don’t let it front truth, won’t loss, just you

Understand da, worth da squzze, da juice
Understand my, be understand da truth
Stay in line, stay within da prime time
Just be you, do you, 1 up for real

**Verse 3 – Youn’G
First of all, for my D&M
Belivin’N me, no doubt, I gotta keep
Let me fully blaze, I wanna complete
你們在我的心, won’t hang up and leave

Responsibility bring, I gotta go bling
Ima 80’ baby, got 80’s on me
Cuz y’all, so real, gotta mix da dream
Cuz Im, da chosen, ain’t scare, da bleed

Life is hardknock, put it on G
我的生命裡有她, let’s make it sweet
Roads, I choose, pump up da heat
My thug, life, chance, I fight

Put me on da flight, fantasy to parade
Put me in a 9, gotta understand da mic
Lyrically shot out, I ride till I die
I ain’t def hearing, but I gotta keep’on movin’

**Verse 4 – Youn’G
當我 down 的時侯, 感覺又餓又累
精神跟想法, 感到疲俾,
沒人在身旁, 倒下也沒人理會,
境有的家當, 換了毒品來麻醉

我知道, 我明瞭, 但, 人生由不得我逃
我麻掉, 我禱告, 漂浮不定我暸到
條子館, 霸王餐, 沒有一次可靠
房門深鎖的背後, 沒有一條平道

讓我從新, 自信沒有能力辦到
一次一次, 抓了放了後, 還想逃
感覺不到時間, 尋不到那定點
看的就是眼前, 我管不了的明天

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Sup! Youn G,


<font size="2">为什么所有歌都快进?没传好吗???</font>
<font size="2">hope ap 4ever</font>