On the Edge (Rough Mix)
On the Edge (Rough Mix)

On the Edge (Rough Mix)


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On the Edge (Rough Mix)

On the Edge (Rough Mix)


發布時間 2021-11-11


Come Down
Too much time all alone in the clouds
I’m on the edge
But I’m leaving the space for
A return
To the feeling of your little world
I’m on the edge
But too scared to look over this ledge

I’ve lingered here
For half a year
But not much has changed
And I’m still afraid
When I’m alone at night

I’m staring at the screen but
There’s nothing on
All of my dreams are dancing for me
They won’t go away

It’s an overreaction
To the slights I perceive when I look in your eyes
But were they even there?
And if they weren’t would I even care?
So I run for the border
Where not a soul will remember my name
The feeling of escape
Never lasts long enough for it to take

I’m grabbing at these straws
Griding these bones to dust
All for just one more chance

Because I’m already in love
But I don’t want to be
But I can’t get off the ride now
I’m stuck inside
Where will it go?

I’ll make you an offer
A dotted line right here for you to sign
But you forgot your name
It seems like you’ll never get into this game

It’s already over
So why not just lay your head down for a while?
The feeling of the grave
It’s more comfortable than you thought it’d be

I’ve lingered here
For all these years
Sound will intrude
A horrible tune
Here in this darkened room

Oh, but if you could get free from your mind
You’d see it all
You’d feel the world

The feeling of the world

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