【Name of Love】(Demo)
【Name of Love】(Demo)

【Name of Love】(Demo)


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【Name of Love】(Demo)

【Name of Love】(Demo)

羣青 Ultramarine
羣青 Ultramarine

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發佈時間 2019-03-09








Lyrics.Compose ─ 昊廷
Arrangement ─ 羣青Ultramarine
Vocal.Guitar.Synth ─ 昊廷
Drum ─ 子皓
Bass ─ 彥程

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Come on
Leave the soft indulging bed
Always we need more time
To love, to shatter

Move on
Craw out the sweet choking cave
Just leave the numb
don't be stagnated

You get too many wishes
Lining up to fulfill
Flood the very one spirit
So you end up with another day in bed
Teasing a pencil doesn't touch the canvas

You get so much love
As a blooming flame
Diffuses in the snow nation
Through the foggy wind
Echoes like a distant whimper

End dyes on as it begin
Th old faded
so the coming could shine
We blend and depart
Bring something on the path

So we stand lonely
Bracing heart hardly to spare
In the crowded square we stand
Whispering the name of love

It was born in the starless night
When silence entwined
Dissolved consciousness between you and me

And now the color is recalled
Said the revived man in the mirror
Oh, that's the death of all the past and coming

Eventually the language melts
an enormous paint it becomes
We dive in the pool of vague

Emotion comes through in waves
Shatter down the boundaries
I question for the revelation

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