Witness a Crime Scene (that I caused)

Soundtrack / New age ・ The Dim Light Tale

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Witness a Crime Scene (that I caused)


發佈時間 2017-10-20


Witness a Crime Scene ( ᴛhat ɪ ᴄaused)




“Slowly, she stepped on the stairs. The carpet absorbed away her heavy stamps. She could almost see the floating dust and dirt here after one or two decades. On neither the ground nor the wall was blood shed. Their body twisted and intertwined with one another. Their faces held craving and rage as their last expression. All of her family were down in her room, hands clutching something.

She thought of their smiles, and her growing and living with them. She felt sorrowful, yet relieved, then ironically sad.

She disengaged their hands; it was a music box. Some wracked melody was still playing after she rotated the gear. Above it a ballerina was dismembered, and the shreds used to control her are now broken off."

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