Black Sheep

Singer / Songwriter ・ 生而為人的故事 Life as an Individual

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Black Sheep


  • 一天一首

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發佈時間 2017-02-21


Vocal: TzChien慈謙
Violin & Viola: 陳逸群
Cello: 趙宣幃

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Black sheep
you're in the wrong group
Their milky skin could be stained easily
They are shallow and empty

Oh black sheep
you exist beneath the sun-lit
and between the shadow of sin
Should you wake up or stay naive?

*And they're not used to leave their fencing
They believe there's only reality
But you’re not fear to be picked
'Cause you won't be crushed to ashes

Oh black sheep
you could flee from the slavery
and bear all the maliciousness
They don't live with that bravery

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