Sexy Slow Jams Demo
Sexy Slow Jams Demo

Sexy Slow Jams Demo

Hip hop / Rap亂亂の

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Sexy Slow Jams Demo

Sexy Slow Jams Demo


發布時間 2009-01-10



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I'll be waitin for( u tonite)
and when u by my side
I'll (be alright)

U make me feel da way i've never did

When ur sexy body lying next to me
softly kisses fallin to my ear
lips on my cheek
straight to highest peak
ya can Call me ur sweety

baby i wish hold ur body tighter than my janes(ur body tighter than my janes)

Everytime i close my eyes ur lines caught up in me(ur lines caught up in me)
Babe i wish we could be!1

I'll be waitin for u tonite
and i wanna take it nice&slow

I'll be waitin 4 tonite
let me take it nice&slow

I'll be waitin 4 tonite
and i wanna take it nice&slow

And imma gon krazy this time
cuz you'll be here by my side
no no no no
everytime whole nite to ride
my hands around ur chick

u can give me all the reasons i can give you all emotions to keep it real

Yep listen
babe u gotta know my situation
hotter than da intense emotion
n i know u had position
let me chase the occassion
make it to da destination
put it off our best invention
don care about da digression
take it like my imagination

everythings gonna be alright n
blow ur mind and wipe my thigh
caught it up as times goes by
straight it to da paradise
Purple haze just light'em up,
forget abt all the fuc*in past.
Eventhought my skin is full of pain
I always be right here to stay
We lose,we love,we must choose what we trust.
we crush we hug we make it till the last
Still fresh still young and there's no mo drama,
still lust still fuck us there's no mo rush.

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