Puff Puff Pass
Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass

Hip hop / Rap

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Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass


發布時間 2020-09-05


LICKONE - Puff puff pass (Lyric Video)Out now ???????

LICKONE 童年時候都是大部分的小孩一樣看 Cartoon Network (卡通頻道)長大,歌曲中藏了各種卡通角色及劇情的彩蛋,知道是哪部卡通的歡迎大家直接在下面留言?

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LICKONE’s mixtape coming soon

出品 Presented by | Rooftopmob
Artist | LICKONE
Composer & Lyricist | LICKONE
Art Direction | LICKONE
Producer | Zac Rao
Recording x Mixing | Zac Rao
Recording Studio:金剛門大樹林工作室

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Imma hit a bong
Puff and pass along
This shit roll a ton
tell me where what's wrong
This shit feels so 爽

Bad bitches like spider stick on web
(pss pss)
Batman found a cave and make a nest wo
Poison ivy already stuck in my chest
She turns me to her pet thru my veins like everywhere
Swipe right and pending on mix and match
I never thought about the aftermath and I don’t care (no way)
Escape to the mad max sweat my pants on my bed
Found a smelly little pussy cat laying like a dead

Cowboys with their boots stick around wild wild west
You gotta hit into, click into World Wide Web
She gotta shake her booty make a lotta cash
I told her to sit down make around and
puff puff pass
You can trade me for a life with an axe (No thanks)
then, 24/7 business still on the track
Imma sell you whatchu think on the viral trend
pack your bag forget about the past and never come back

Ah ma hit a blunt
Puff and pass along
This shit roll a ton,
tell me where what's wrong
This shit feels so song

Hot bitch on my chest make me pounding like a mess, Upset
She stalked on my phone once awhile make my heart attack, impact
Welcome to my party issa fes and be my guest, princess
Wanna hit a lottery 10k, not a chance, so sad
Heavy rain drop & drip like a SAUSE
She asks me don't you wanna lick me or not
I pull her pantie down fuck her like a boss
I bring her sit down into rollercoaster toast

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