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力 Energy

力 Energy

Hip hop / Rap

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力 Energy

力 Energy


發布時間 2020-08-26


LICKONE - 力 (Official Music Video)
Youtube: rooftopmob

出品 Presented by | Rooftopmob
導演 Director |@idontreallynou

Artist | LICKONE
Composer & Lyricist | LICKONE
Producer | Zac Rao
Recording x Mixing | Zac Rao
Recording Studio:金剛門大樹林工作室
特別感謝 Special Thanks | 社工順興 SOON HENG SOCIAL CLUB

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verse 1 :
I’m driving down the street Try to find a gasoline ⛽️
I feel like want to puke and pee ? Wanna make my stomach clean
Oh wait try to find a scene ? Don't you act like be so mean ?
So I gotta clean up ma mess to make sure you can lean.
sometimes I flip a magazine I feel like there’s a masterpiece ?
never think about capacity there’s a place for memory ✨
You better keep it for a scene why a diversity exists ?‍♂️
S/O to my mother nature ? I keep my power all inside of me ?
I feel like I’m the mewtwo ? who gains massive psychic ?
?bust down all the people’s mind who full of racist ?
oh waitress ?‍♂️ where’s my beverage I’m out of patient ?
they saw me turn to over rage?, I’m your future Titan?
I got to pack my backpack take back things what they left (no more)
Yeah I’m the Mack that lack of laugh who never give a damn (that’s all)
hate to check my deck but no cash in the ATM ? ?
The only thing you can track down is that’s my name. ? (That’s my name)

hook :
they call me 力
there’s a parasite stick inside with me

bridge :
I don’t fuck with any society who follow main stream
kids spend their papa’s money flexing with the supreme
now I realised why skynet want to genocide
ain’t no fairytales without any lullabies

Verse 2:
You can step on my back and play my track
Doesn't mean that you can stab my back ??
FXXK that hoe you are making me sick ??
Trap that soul come to suck my ?
She had a bunch of honey in hole ?
I saw her so horny I refuse say no ?‍♂️
tell me a secret I won’t even know ?
sounds like a game that fun to play tho ?

Me and Mob kill the mob like an Ultraman
Kill them all hit and punch like a one punch man ?
I don't flex like y'all like a Gucci gang ?
Fxxk your call better run thru them ??‍♂️
Feeling so good Im a goku eating tofu
Tell me hold zhu imma freeza ya
Act like so cool ain't got taboo get a tattoo number satu imma zombie ya
Coughing the hell out of lungs imma still young living like thug
Lick it my guns with the tongue vibing so strong you're a slut
Cooking a hotpot with fungs closing the pot give me a shot
I'll put you in quarantine zone leave you alone watch out your tone

hook :
they call me 力
there’s a parasite stick inside with me ?

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