力 Energy
力 Energy

力 Energy

Hip hop / Rap

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力 Energy

力 Energy


發佈時間 2020-08-26


LICKONE - 力 (Official Music Video)
Youtube: rooftopmob

出品 Presented by | Rooftopmob
導演 Director |@idontreallynou

Artist | LICKONE
Composer & Lyricist | LICKONE
Producer | Zac Rao
Recording x Mixing | Zac Rao
Recording Studio:金剛門大樹林工作室
特別感謝 Special Thanks | 社工順興 SOON HENG SOCIAL CLUB

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verse 1 :
I’m driving down the street Try to find a gasoline ⛽️
I feel like want to puke and pee 🤮 Wanna make my stomach clean
Oh wait try to find a scene 🌅 Don't you act like be so mean 😒
So I gotta clean up ma mess to make sure you can lean.
sometimes I flip a magazine I feel like there’s a masterpiece 💦
never think about capacity there’s a place for memory ✨
You better keep it for a scene why a diversity exists 🙅‍♂️
S/O to my mother nature 🌏 I keep my power all inside of me 💥
I feel like I’m the mewtwo 🤜 who gains massive psychic 🤛
🔫bust down all the people’s mind who full of racist 🧠
oh waitress 🙋‍♂️ where’s my beverage I’m out of patient 😡
they saw me turn to over rage👿, I’m your future Titan😈
I got to pack my backpack take back things what they left (no more)
Yeah I’m the Mack that lack of laugh who never give a damn (that’s all)
hate to check my deck but no cash in the ATM 💸 💸
The only thing you can track down is that’s my name. 😎 (That’s my name)

hook :
they call me 力
there’s a parasite stick inside with me

bridge :
I don’t fuck with any society who follow main stream
kids spend their papa’s money flexing with the supreme
now I realised why skynet want to genocide
ain’t no fairytales without any lullabies

Verse 2:
You can step on my back and play my track
Doesn't mean that you can stab my back 🔪🩸
FXXK that hoe you are making me sick 🖕🤢
Trap that soul come to suck my 🍆
She had a bunch of honey in hole 🍯
I saw her so horny I refuse say no 🙅‍♂️
tell me a secret I won’t even know 🤫
sounds like a game that fun to play tho 🥳

Me and Mob kill the mob like an Ultraman
Kill them all hit and punch like a one punch man 👊
I don't flex like y'all like a Gucci gang 👀
Fxxk your call better run thru them 🏃🏼‍♂️
Feeling so good Im a goku eating tofu
Tell me hold zhu imma freeza ya
Act like so cool ain't got taboo get a tattoo number satu imma zombie ya
Coughing the hell out of lungs imma still young living like thug
Lick it my guns with the tongue vibing so strong you're a slut
Cooking a hotpot with fungs closing the pot give me a shot
I'll put you in quarantine zone leave you alone watch out your tone

hook :
they call me 力
there’s a parasite stick inside with me 🦠

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