lilKrake小章章 & KID LEO - Juggin School

Hip hop / Rap

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lilKrake小章章 & KID LEO - Juggin School


發佈時間 2019-07-21


lilKrake小章章 & KID LEO - Juggin School Prod. Lul Cutch
(One Day Plan / 一日計畫)
Song's completed in 24h in Banana Kingdom in 2019/7/17.

Youtube Offical Music Video:


Beat prod. by Lul Cutch
Recorded by lilKrake小章章
Mixed by lilKrake小章章
Directed by lilKrake小章章
Edited by lilKrake小章章
Camera by NASI_Selep

Instagram: @lilkrake
Facebook: LilKrake小章章 @LILkrakeNW
Youtube: lilKrake小章章
[email protected]

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Nigga I don't know you
So I gotta tax it
Juggin school up in session
Time to break down anotha fraction

Fuck being a professor
We ran bands up of that pressure
My numbers increadible
My connect been blessin extra

Crash bandicoot for the loot
This shyt out the dirt like a Nike boot
Big Raws in rotation
Just like the session duck duck goose

Sick of rats in da trap
Where the piper with his flute
Catch me some where onna island
Foreigns praise me like the maiyans

Pullup to trap
Get dat shyt gone dark magician
Workin with da work, I put overtime in my position

We got all these racks
Like a printer right in the trap
I blow out dat Zone
You boyfriend bluffin, he don't do dat

I came in with that thunder
Like dat nigga static
I'm so sick with the flip
But I don't do acrobatics

Clutch got Leo on da beat boi
You know dat shyt a banger boi
Plug got me high as shyt
Like I'm fresh up outta hangar boi

Yeah I'm not going bed
You call me lil Krake
Turn good boy into bad
Now may you kiss my ass

Wow 我的運氣開始背

What I gonna say?
What you gonna say?
夜幕開始降臨 撫慰

不完美 的網美 是完美
走進我心裡面 洗遍 心靈 沈澱 心情

Before election you know it
Gon turn you into my thing
Korean Fish with sushi
My meals' getting more fancy

Bentley baby lets go for a ride
I'm lion through your eye
Natural hype, go wild in the night
Wifi connection, my wife my section

要怎拚 才拚得過
要找孔明 還是輸我
你說棋逢敵手 我只是路過

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