Lace up (beats by Pieper Beats)
Lace up (beats by Pieper Beats)

Lace up (beats by Pieper Beats)

Hip hop / Rap

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Lace up (beats by Pieper Beats)

Lace up (beats by Pieper Beats)


發佈時間 2022-01-02



The world has fallen in the wrong hands,
Why do shit always happen to us fellow man,
Same job got turn down two times, hard to stand, thought it was the one, pourd my heart and soul,
Even turned my career path,
Is love for everyone, it sure hurts as hell,
What it sells on social media is fake news exactly like trumps fucking word,
Babe I tried to be gentle, careful, emotional,
Buy u flowers, avoiding women, remembering dates,
This still ain’t normal,
Too many things(shit), happening at once ,
All the same Time, tryna figure myself out,
Sorry love found out it’s neither your fault or mine,
Keep on your journey without me by your side,

Never give up heard this a lot while growing up,
Get up pumped and laced up,
Look left and righted and the unseen finish line, sun still shining in your face, easy for you to say,
Start running man the race has begun,
Don’t judge your self too hard,
Enjoy the process,

I’m only talking about these days,
Not mentioning all my old and bad days,
All the horrible news happening I can’t catch up,
Don’t tell me more, I wanna stand up,
Rassisim, thought it was gone, still a long way to go,
Easy to no show, absent in this game,
People feel hurt betray, I can relate,
Anthony Bourdain, Mac Miller, Van Gogh,
It’s just to much, thats what I say,
How many more lives we need to slay,
Talk to myself a lot late night and always choose to give up,
Lighting this cigaret hoping it’s the last one,
The people that love me, their faces turn up,
Help me realize what we’ve been through can’t be nothing,

True, life is painful, but also beautiful,
Long way gone, everything just begun,
God gave me strength to be unstoppable,
Like Arnold I’m back, and back even stronger.

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