D.O.T.S. - Where am I
D.O.T.S. - Where am I

D.O.T.S. - Where am I

Hip hop / Rap

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D.O.T.S. - Where am I

D.O.T.S. - Where am I


發布時間 2021-01-02



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Keep it(keep it)

Just keep it all with u and leave me(leave me)

I’m pretty fine with all this shit girl I swear

I swear to god I don’t lie to anyone(except myself)

Believe me(believe me)

Just a lil bit hurt heart bleeding(bleeding)

Now where’s my missing part

You took it

And toss it in the sinking car

Shoot me bullet (do it, do it)

See I’ve got trapped

With both my hands and feet tied

You don’t ask me who did it

you know it the most

Got your new house to fit in

I got no feelings fr

To get out I do popping pills

Kill me in the maze(me in the maze)

Cuz I can’t find

Can’t find no exit


I just wanna burn it out

別再鬧 running out my patience

Would u turn around talk about

All the clout u chasing

Girl you’re a pro story teller

Got no words to tell her

Fk u imprison my soul into galaxy

Floating up I see no ceiling

Wandering I’m still seeking

The last piece of the puzzle


I got no clue can u tell me

Where am I

Can u tell me where am I

Baby can u tell me where am I

Ohh where am I where am I

(Where am I xN)

Go? I don’t know

Is it the right time to go

but I ain’t got no map on the road


Got me locked up ayy

You made me so fucked up no

I don’t care who’s on your right

If only you still got me in your mind

Then I won’t care(I won’t care)

Then I won’t care

Let me stuck in our memories

Sensory I feel no air

Now shawty u invisible

Your everything’s unforgettable

I’m bout to give up is it criminal?

That part unpredictable


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