Fight to the End_Demo

Reggae / Funk ・ Shitty DEMOs (R&B/Soul)

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Fight to the End_Demo

盧志宏 Zorn Lu

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發佈時間 2017-10-08


Stick to the end, and never give up

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Fight to the end
Fight to the end

Maybe I’m an underdog
You say I ain’t good enough
But I never stopped believing in myself
When going gets tough

You think I should give it up
Like a fool who chase the sun
I’ll keep the faith and fly again
You’ll be stunned

Fight to the end, It’s what I have to fend
Fight to the end, All pain I must transcend

Maybe you can break my bones
But you can never hurt my soul
Insult me with stupid words
I won’t lose control

We have failed so many times
I swear we’ll coming back
One day we’ll break the walls
That keeps us in black

Fight to the end, Stick together my friends
Fight to the end, The message we send

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