sweet 3
sweet 3

sweet 3


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王榆鈞 yujun wang

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發佈時間 2011-09-10


So we together now
So we point the point now
So Safe and Free…
So we play the play now
Play it
Safe and Free

So my stranger…dear strangeness
So sweet so strange baby, born to me
I’m waiting like the wave I see, like the moon lights her tracks
On the beach,
to tell me I still waiting: who I should be
So that…I mean…I mean…I mean…
So Sweet the you and she, the he and she
The steps on the beach,
The following disappearing
So freedom bring the safe safety
If sea can believe,
All I asking
All birds receive
All music learning
we starting a softer hand,
To touch… softer touch
All I need

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