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Engraved In The Moon
Engraved In The Moon

Engraved In The Moon

AlternativeThe 13th Heron

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Engraved In The Moon

Engraved In The Moon

羅妍婷 YenTing Lo
羅妍婷 YenTing Lo

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發布時間 2020-12-10



Here’s my souvenir for you
A handful of promise that I once have made
Moon dust
The proof that I have engraved your name on the far side of the moon

It’s a truth or it’s a lie?
You’ll never know if I only face you with one side
The proof that we are protected by the sacrifice of the moon

Boiling lava blood solidifies my trace of escape and struggle

Let it rain, all the meteor rain
No more fear now
No more force tears us apart
When our names are hidden in the safest place
Let’s go somewhere far away
Let’s make somewhere else home

Not any light could reflect
Our secret base on the other side
This is the only way we could survive...vive!

drip, drip, vive.
dripping, dropping, meteor rain
drop, drip, drop, drip

Eleven: 0.6741, 23.4731
Twelve: -3.0128, -23.4219
Fourteen: -3.6441, -17.4786
Fifteen: 26.1323, 3.6333
Sixteen: -8.9734, 15.5011
Seventeen: 20.1911, 30.7723

No one could ever wipe away the existence of you and I
For I already have our names engraved on the other side

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