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法蘭西斯 Francis
法蘭西斯 Francis

法蘭西斯 Francis

Metal《Dark Message 黑訊息》

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法蘭西斯 Francis

法蘭西斯 Francis

乙水 yeewater
乙水 yeewater

發布時間 2024-05-19


法蘭西斯 Francis

「So let me run out of everything,I can’t read your eyes on lucid dream. 」

法蘭西斯 Francis|乙水 Yee Water
詞、曲、編曲 Lyricist / Composer 乙水 Yee Water
編曲協力 Music Arranger 廖維中
製作 Producer 吳承儒 Cheng Ru Wu
人聲 Vocal_ 洪星魁 Xing Kui Hong
人聲 Vocal_ 張頌訢 Song Hsin Chang
吉他 Guitar_ 張洧誠 Wei Cheng Chang
吉他 Guitar_ 吳承儒 Cheng Ru Wu
貝斯 Bass_ 施緯 Wei Shih
鼓 Drums_ 袁裕鈞 Yu Jun Yuan

錄音工程師 Recording Engineers / 錄音工作室 Recording Studios_ 吳承儒 Cheng Ru Wu/N23.5Studio @N23.5Studio
混音工程師 Mixing Engineer / 混音工作室 Mixing Studio_ 吳承儒 Cheng Ru Wu/N23.5Studio @N23.5Studio
母帶後期處理工程師 Mastering Engineer / 母帶後期處理工作室 Mastering Studio_ 包紹祈 Shao Qi Bao @plug&play studio

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Can you hear the devil whispering
It will corrupt your heart and destroy your mind
Decline an invitation and resist it
Don’t make it easy Don’t let it succeed
Drink your dreams and want to eat your mind
It says so and tells me to give up that broken life
Even if I no longer look like a human being
I will never give in

縫隙中照射進 一絲微光
雲霧散去 找回來了自己

伸出雙手想要抓住 那些事物那完美的自我

Let me get self-destruction
Release my indignation
Don't let me find your weakness
Sacrifice for the sins
I will be burn them all day
Till redeem myself
It won’t be survive We will be survive


It’s time to forgot where I go
Cause we are diving in the sea
You can’t run away from me
Cause you’re don’t remember me

I just got the ancient sign
It’s wants to catch dream with mind
Praying with the god
It can’t be none

So let me run out of everything
I can’t read your eyes on lucid dream
I can’t decide you came from me
Want to break the silence of the pain

To resist to make dreams come true
While everything on you
Falling into the sea of ​​blood roses

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