Divided We Stand (Demo)
Divided We Stand (Demo)

Divided We Stand (Demo)


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Divided We Stand (Demo)

Divided We Stand (Demo)

WY Frank Chen
WY Frank Chen

發布時間 2006-08-08


Beyond the vision of repress
We’re never in your hands
Nor have we taken part in you
How funny they all believe in you.
Corruption as your truth.
To unleash the filthy troops.
Between the Strait of sand.
Annihilate our land.

Misleading your own little reality
With cloudy propaganda machine
“Disruption won’t bring you any peace”?
Look how we stood firm on our own feet.
Directing our own destiny
While you “safeguard territorial integrity”?

In light, we’ll break.
Fight our way out of your disgrace.

Fuck it. Don’t try to change.
Long lies a firm line within my head.
Fuck it. We’re not the same.
We’ve part our ways,
Divided we stand.

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